How to go about looking for a flight school?

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Are you finding it difficult to decide which flight school to pick for your flight training?

Is it better to choose a flight school in India or Abroad?

Are cadet pilot programs the way to go?

I will try and explain the pros and cons and what you should look for before deciding where to pursue your flight training?

There are hundreds of flight schools all over the world that impart flight training to aspiring students. Each claims to be the best and have courses tailor made for students coming from India and other parts of the world. You must be familiar with the training syllabus laid down by DGCA in India before starting your research. Make sure the course covers everything you need to do(the flying hours, the approved aircraft etc). There are a list of approved flight schools in India on the DGCA website.


You have a choice to either join an airline cadet program or do your flight training by yourself through your own research. Joining an airline cadet program would mean that the airline will get you trained from start to finish, as long as your performance is up to standard. You will be train at a flight school chosen by the airline. The advantage of this arrangement is that you have to pay the fee to the airline while they will organise and guide you through the entire training process. Also, once your training is complete, you are likely to be absorbed by the same airline depending on your agreement. Therefore, there is a degree of job assurance. Airlines normally conduct examinations as part of the selection process for such cadet pilot programs and usual charge much more compared to someone doing their training independently.


If you want to look for a flight school by yourself, then you have a choice to join one in India or go abroad. The biggest difference between the two is the time. Most flight schools abroad will complete your course in less than one year. Whereas, schools in India take much longer.

After completing your CPL abroad you will have to return to India and get your license converted to an Indian CPL. To do this, you will have to give another set of exams in India. If the same is not completed within six months, you will need to fly a few more hours before you can apply for your license.


When selecting a flight school, you much check if it is familiar with the requirements/ syllabus laid down by DGCA in India. This will make it easier for you to complete the paper work.

Weather plays a very important role in the cost and time that people have to spend. Therefore, a flight school located in a place which has good weather for a large part of the year will be a better choice as you can complete your training faster and as a result reduce your expense. A school that is relatively smaller in size maybe better as there is less pressure on the resources they have(i.e. aircraft and instructor availability). Also, the quality of instruction may be better as the instructor can dedicate more quality time to the student. A smaller school generally means that the cost of training is also lower, without compromising on the quality.

If you know of somebody who is a pilot, it’s probably a good idea to consult them and make a more informed decision.

In the end everything still depends on the individual. Your sincerity and seriousness will determine everything.

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